The CIU offers a variety of high-quality educational programs and benefits. The state of the art technologicalinfrastructure, exceptional faculty, good placement history, and modern education techniques makes the university distinct. The university is renowned for its educational programs in many streams & encourages the student for co-curricular activities.

Recently, a group of students were selected to present an abstract at an governmental event where they got the chance to interact and work with students from some top colleges in the world. In another feat of achievement, a group of university students competed with several top universities in the world at a non-traditional educational challenge held under the American Higher Education Commission. The University also conducts several educational and job placement programs. Out of these, some fests are organized by the university combined and some are organized by the government.

Of course, when it comes to education it’s quality, not quantity that aspiring students are intrigued by and these educational institutions certainly have a lot to offer on that front. California Imperial University is one of the USA’s leading institutions when it comes to technological and scientific achievement with a very impressive alumni from a variety of fields. By choosing CIU, you will be joining a positive and collaborative culture that focuses on great challenges. You shall become a graduate who is ready for tomorrow, who is ready to build an enviable career, changing both your life and the lives of others, for the better to the best.

highlighting our students Success stories

Ala ‘ Musn kattan

Master’s in HRM - Bringing education in your reach like never

mike johnson

Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering – A perfect balance of academic & professional life.

Stella thompson

Master’s in Marketing– Reshaping lives for an optimistic world

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Donna D. Boyles

Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences

The most I enjoy about studying at CIU are its flex hours and convenience. Now, I am not only a full-time employee but a full-time student as well without any juggling. This experience of online learning has helped me in building network connections and in communication with other classmates a whole new and a different experience. I will be looking forward to continuing my Master’s program here.

John L. Charron

Master’s in Business Management

I am a successful business owner and I am so glad that I took a chance and registered myself in a Master's degree program in business management program. I am thankful to California Imperial University and all my teachers. They guided me to the path of professional success and equipped me well to stand out in this competitive world today. The knowledge I gained from this online portal is assisting me to grow as a leader.

Dorothy A. Morales

Bachelor’s in Social Sciences

At the University of California, I’m taking advantage of everything the university has to offer. Choosing to attend CIU to earn my bachelor's degree in Social Sciences has been the best choice that I have ever made. I was provided with a vision that helped me to move forward with an optimistic approach. I was taught how to study independently and make ways on my own. How to cater to problems that will come my way and have unique solutions to the problems.

our prestigious faculty members Stories

Dianna C. Perry

Professor in Research

CIU gave me a new and a virtual platform to exhibit my teaching skills on a whole new and advanced level. Teaching online was a new experience for me and I was a bit skeptical about it. No sooner I realized, discussions even though being online were far more productive than the discussions in live sessions, students were more engaged and far more active. As of my career it was a new learning phase fo me, which added alot of confidence and knowledge since I got along with a strong global netowrk of community comprising of student and teachers both.

mark handerson

Professor in Business Management – Success unlocked here at
California Imperial University!

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The university believes in the motto “together stronger”. Keeping this in mind it has developed an extraordinary post program completion social platform linked through its state of the art education management system or study portal for better connectivity of students with their fellow batch mates who’s profiles are further visible to partner instructions and businesses for job placements and referrals and paid online assignments and volunteering opportunities for students and graduates, where the central idea is to unite a bunch of minds who follow the same path and share the same field of education for greater good, in terms of their professional development and enhancement.

New Graduates

Congratulations and welcome to CIU global alumni community!

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Asia Australia Europe North America South America Africa
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Aneesa Anjum Mikhail Female Bachelors 2015 Engineering
Ahmad Hudhayfah Boutros Male Undergraduate Diploma 2018 Health Sciences
Izdihar Ayishah Naser Female Bachelors 2019 Social Science
Iftikhar Fahdah Bitar Male Masters 2016 Applied Arts
Isra' Zakiyyah Said Female Masters 2018 Engineering
Rabeea Juwayriyah Kassab Female Bachelors 2017 Business And Management
Ata' Muhanned Koury Female Masters 2018 Social Science
Abdul-Wadud Jibran Samaha Male Bachelors 2016 Applied Arts
Abdul-Nafi' Aliyy Morcos Male PHD 2015 Social Sciences
Inaya Fellah Abadi Female PHD 2020 Criminal Justice
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Esmond Duncan Male PhD 2014 Criminal Justice
Joseph Franklin Male Bachelors 2015 Engineering
Alec Valdez Male Masters 2017 Business And Management
Algernon Gildon Male Bachelors 2019 Social Science
Ross Pearson Female Masters 2016 Applied Arts
Nydia Howell Female Masters 2018 Engineering
Samson Bond Male Bachelors 2017 Business And Management
Jade Ingram Female Masters 2018 Social Science
Thalia Harris Female Bachelors 2016 Applied Arts
Margaret Middleton Female PHD 2015 Social Sciences
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Fabian Tomlinson Male Bachelors 2015 Engineering
Jasmine Allen Female Masters 2017 Business And Management
Baxter Byrd Male Bachelors 2019 Social Science
Daphne Long Female Masters 2016 Applied Arts
Lawrence Perkins Male Masters 2018 Engineering
London Medina Male Bachelors 2017 Business And Management
Muriel Watts Male Masters 2018 Social Science
Jake Cole Male Bachelors 2016 Applied Arts
Osmond Burton Female PHD 2015 Social Sciences
Clement Wallaker Male PhD 2020 Criminal Justice
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Wilona Row Female Bachelors 2015 Criminal Justice
Zachary Motley Male Masters 2017 Engineering
Casey Norris Male Bachelors 2015 Social Science
Shana Greer Female Masters 2017 Criminal Justice
Jasper Windrow. Male Masters 2015 Social Science
Elaine Clayton Female Bachelors 2015 Applied Arts
Jerry Castro Male Bachelors 2019 Business And Management
Noelle Smart Female PHD 2020 Applied Arts
Herman Strickland Male Bachelors 2015 Law
Darren Burton Male PHD 2020 Applied Arts
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Waldo Shepard Male Masters 2019 Social Science
Darcy Loxley Female Bachelors 2015 Engineering
Charlie Burgess Male Masters 2015 Applied Arts
Archer Fraley Male Bachelors 2017 Criminal Justice
Dale Males Male Masters 2018 Business And Management
Amber Bird Female Bachelors 2015 Social Science
Luke Moore Male Masters 2020 Law
Atwater Burton Male Bachelors 2019 Applied Arts
Sarah Blanton Female Masters 2017 Criminal Justice
Camilla Gregory Female Bachelors 2015 Business And Management
Name Gender  Degree Program Year of Graduation Major
Amare Male PHD 2015 Applied Arts
Kwame Male Masters 2019 Social Science
Feechi Female Bachelors 2015 Criminal Justice
Ekon Female Bachelors 2020 Engineering
Zane Male Bachelors 2017 Business And Management
Isabis Female Masters 2015 Law
Jafari Male Bachelors 2020 Criminal Justice
Daliah Female PHD 2015 Law
Haji Male Bachelors 2015 Applied Arts
Sabra Female Masters 2020 Business And Management
Kalifa Female Masters 2020 Business And Management