15 Versatile Schools
Offer Multiple Specializations and

California Imperial University is on of the accredited online universities that offer an extensive range of majors precisely designed for professionals and working adults. The assortment of majors covers a variety of educational fields which are the foundation of the curriculum. Our 15 versatile schools offer numerous specialties and concentrations, covering all the topmost choices of students and employers worldwide.

15+ Professional Schools - Online Degree, Diploma
& Certificate Programs

Business Management

Courses that reflect the research know-how and professional knowledge. Our alumni have an established track record of association with leading companies.

Performing Arts

We help you plan your future and facilitate you kick-start your profession in performing arts by polishing your talent to reach privileged heights.

Computer Science

Broaden your understanding of the impact of Information Technology in current world on individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Criminal Justice

We aim to accomplish the mission of forming a vigorous justice system, by providing all necessary skills to the students through our comprehensive programs.

Law and Legal Studies

CIU has carefully designed the courses to equip you with the knowledge that leads you on your way to a stimulating legal profession.


Our robust curriculum inspires students of all levels and induce rational for them to reshape the education system.


Committed to cultivate understanding along with thorough grip of a wide variety of engineering majors and specializations.

Natural Science

Courses that are designed to provide the skills and credentials you require for a worthwhile career in Natural Science

Health Science

Delivering top-notch healthcare education that permits you to practice your knowledge and skills in prestigious hospitals.


Various majors and specializations designed to disseminate eminent learning in fields including Interior Design and Architecture to support you land valuable work employments.

Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences

CIU University strives hard to improve your academic as well as professional knowledge in the swiftly shifting technological world of occupational safety, through greatly qualified faculty that reflects high-caliber industrial experience.

Social Sciences

Choose from the vast variety of Social Sciences Majors according to your subject interest ranging from English, History and Journalism.

Social Services

We offer thorough practical insights into the convoluted nature of human behavior and its impact on overall society.


Providing exclusive and well-designed courses to expedite your quest in various psychology careers.

Political Sciences & Public

CIU is determined to provide students and working professionals with the pertinent proficiency in the arena of political Science and public administration and learn how to put political and public administration concepts into application.

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