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Being a global leader in providing healthcare education, CIU School of Healthcare offers outstanding teaching based on scientific researches, preparing students to become practicing professional and improve healthcare. The CIU School of Health Sciences is an international leader in finding ways to maximize people's health and improve the quality of life in their surroundings. At the California Imperial University School of Health Sciences, we address complex health problems by integrating key public health areas with relevant health sciences to find the right discipline for you to contribute to the social health industry.

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Business and Management tends to be a rewarding field in terms of salary payouts and career advancement opportunities. The field is forecasted to grow exponentially in the years to come, generating new jobs and in the process, loosen up the highly saturated job market. Individuals with higher education in Business and Management are likely to enhance their career prospects and get better chances of employment.

Student Resources AT California Imperial University

CIU University grant Research Financial Aid to encourage students to contribute more to the academics through valuable researches.

Providing Career services that includes career advising, internship prospects and job opportunities, resume writing services to our students.

Offering services of document legalization from Embassy and Apostille services throughout the year to national as well as global students.