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Doctorate Degree is the highest educational degree in the professional field. California Imperial University Applied Doctorate Degree Program incorporates the finest course plan and research-based teaching methods to develop students in a numerous areas. This degree program helps students to take immediate action against the complexities in their field of research.

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California Imperial University
Applied Doctorate
Degree Program

California Imperial University has designed its curricula keeping current trends and future economies in mind. Obtaining an Applied Doctorate Degree from the California Imperial University’s schools will nurture your skillset as well as carve your professional aptitude in order to make you excel in your career path. The Applied Doctorate Degree program entails completion of advance applied dissertation projects which provide students a chance to become leaders in business and scientific intelligence.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Min. Master’s Degree or Equivalent to International Education

  • Duration

    4 to 5 Years ( Self- Paced )

  • Credit Hours


  • Tution Fee

    $25,000 – upto $28,000
    (depend on traveling registrations)

  • Courses

    09-15 (Thesis Based)

Schools Offering
Doctorate Degree (Applied)

Achieving a Doctorate Degree (Applied) from below mentioned schools will refine your professional skills:

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Exclusive Schools

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