Addressing the Confounding Upsurge in Student Loans and Debt Crisis

Over the past few years the fee structures of higher education in public sectors have significantly shown a minimum of three to four times rise, and in private sectors have almost doubled. It has been observed, that almost 50% of the students are forced to take loans to pay the tuition fees. A student loan is one of the most popular options for borrowing funds to continue studies.

Unfortunately, this had made half of our younger generation indebted to loans. This ultimately results in students working and managing their degree simultaneously, since they have to pay back their dues on time. Students opt for a post-grad or master’s degree so that they have an additional edge in the market place and ultimately result in earning more so they can quickly write off the loans they had taken to pursue their education. If the dues are not cleared on time, other students may face a disadvantage due to this because then the loans will be given to limited students ie less than the capacity. Universities develop different strategies to push borrowers to pay back loans on time. One of these may be hiring consultants to counsel them, CIU has also worked on certain strategies that will make it feasible for the debtors’ to pay off their loans on time.

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