At CIU University, We Appreciate Passion & Strive to Make Education Affordable For All

We have designed numerous financial support programs encouraging students to pursue their higher education loan free. We appreciate the passion of students ready to seek after their advance education, therefore, allowing the merit-based students to obtain top notch academics, furnishing them with professional skillset alongside numerous job prospects for them to progress in their career path.

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Financial Support Program Categories at CIU University

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

We believe in providing an opportunity to the outstanding students to make a positive impact in their academics and career. You are eligible to our financial aid program, if you:

  • Have physical condition recognized as a disability
  • National of an under-developed or developing country
  • Belong to a low income socioeconomic background as recognized by the government of the United States

Research Financial Aid Programs

CIU University grant Research Financial Aid to encourage students to contribute more to the academics through valuable researches.

Military Financial Aid Programs

We express our respect to the on-duty or retired veterans by granting them military tuition fee discounts at CIU University.

Academic Scholarship

The criteria of obtaining academic scholarships at CIU depends on grade point average, class ranking and scores on Standardized Admissions Tests (SATs). Academic Scholarships typically have substantial financial payouts, and refer to a certain level of prestige on the recipient. They can also be beneficial after college as an introduction into the business world, and as a way of making a solid resume even more attractive.

Scholarships for Minorities

California Imperial University awards prestigious to the minorities. These scholarships can be general or specific which is determined as per the nationality, with some being open to all minority students while others are designed to benefit one ethnic group in particular.

Scholarships for Women

There are scholarships specifically designed to benefit women and encourage the itinerary of women empowerment. These scholarships do more than just providing financial aid for college, they can also provide a pathway to women into the worlds of business, science, politics, engineering and much more.

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Note: The financial aid program has no limits in terms of
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Eligibility Criteria

It is requisite for the student to meet one of the below mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • 01 Must be enrolled in one of the programs at California Imperial University
  • 02 Have an extraordinary academic background i.e. test scores, CGPA & high grades
  • 03 Students affianced with community service and extra-curricular activities are preferred


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  • 48%

    of entire financial aid programs is presented under the Teacher of the year financial aid program.

  • 82%

    of CIU University students obtain a financial aid program while studying at the institute.

  • $4 Million

    Of total Financial aid program fund is allocated to research students at the CIU University.

  • 100+

    CIU University Financial Aid Programs is spread out to students coming from over 100 countries.


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I am really thankful to the California Imperial University for granting me the High Achiever Financial Aid. This opportunity assisted me pursue my passion and study the program I was really interested in. My true appreciation are for the university and its substantial financial aid program for deserving students.