CIU University's faculty members are renowned for their path breaking studies, exceptional teaching, & astute mentorship. They bring out the best in their students — and in one another.

At California Imperial University, we encourage our students and faculty members to achieve both academic prominence and the utmost levels of pedagogical influence while teaching and beyond. This is what makes California Imperial University truly a great place to not just learn but to educate.

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Highly Qualified Faculty Members of California Imperial University

  • Mellissa Gorham (Lecturer)
  • Leticia Monte (Associate Professor)
  • Robert Weidman (Lecturer)
  • Louis Stanley (Assistant Professor)
  • Christiana Greenough (Professor)
  • Joseph Twyman (Lecturer)

Get In Touch With Faculty & Student Support Managers

If you are enrolled in current courses and need assistance, our administrators for Faculty & Student Support are available 24/7. They provide the following facilities:

  • Arrange Trainings
  • Circulars Updates
  • Quality Control
  • Online Arrangements
  • Monitor Regulations
  • Monitor Performance
  • Exam Management
  • Upkeep Material

Benefits offered to Esteemed
Faculty Members

We treat our faculty with respect and with a direct reward approach and offer them
with world-class facilities

Retirement Benefits

CIU University provide retirement benefits to eligible full time employees upon the end of their tenure.

Work-Life Balance

We allow our faculty to manage their daily tasks & classroom schedule as per their convenience

Career Development

We provide a number of professional development opportunities to promote faculty success at Sample.


Meet Our Faculty


Department of Psychology

feel honored and it is a great privilege for me to be a part of the California Imperial University Faculty. I firmly believe that the aims and functional module of the institute is really modern, and even it makes us learn more with each passing day. I especially enjoy the great interaction with the students.